Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a quilt-as-you-go technique?

No, TripleExpressO is not a quilt-as-you-go technique. It is constructed using classic patchwork blocks. After the quilt top is finished, it will need to be layered into a quilt.

How does TripleExpressO work?
TripleExpressO allows quilters to help design their quilt. Designing can be complicated, so TripleExpressO makes it easy by working in threes – choose 3 fabrics, and make 3 easy blocks. Based on the size of quilt you are making, the pattern tells you how many blocks to make. After the blocks are completed, you can modify the quilt layout to a design that you like. The pattern offers you 3 options, but experienced quilters can find more. Have fun rotating and flipping blocks to find a layout that you like best.

Because each quilt can be personalized, TripleExpressO is a great project for classes, retreats and mysteries. Everyone works on the same project, but their results can look very different.

Folded Corner Clipper Template

If I can already sew folded corners without drawing pencil lines, why would I need this tool?

By trimming the corners with a rotary cutter, it's faster than scissors. Also, it gives you a straight edge for sewing the leftover corners into Half-Square-Triangles.

The Folded Corner Clipper method calls for stitching a seam with bias edges. Won't that distort the shape?

Use care whenever constructing bias edge pieces. Here are some suggestions:

  • Most distortion comes from pressing rather than stitching. Press carefully to avoid stretching, without steam.
  • Press on a cotton surface. Teflon ironing board covers encourage stretching.
  • When stitching, use a walking foot to feed both pieces through evenly.
If the piece gets distorted, flip the Folded Corner Clipper over, place it on a corner triangle, and align the seamline marking the stitching line. Trim the corner with a rotary cutter.